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Seeking creative and passionate individuals to help us increase national wealth and lead the future of the finance industry


KIC looks for creative, passionate and skilled individuals who want to contribute to increasing national wealth and to lead the future of the finance industry.

We use a fair and transparent recruitment process to find individuals with the major attributes of KIC employees as well as specialists in areas including equity, fixed income, alternative investment and risk management. Through strengthening local investment management at our overseas offices, we also continue to bolster local investment expertise.

KIC runs a youth internship program for high school and college graduates as well as students soon to graduate high school or college to offer them the opportunity to experience the finance industry and acquire skills required in the field. KIC also conducts Campus Seminars and a Mentoring Program to give career advice and help individuals looking for a career in finance better understand the field and global asset management.

Every summer, KIC runs a summer internship program for college and graduate students, offering them the opportunity to experience various investment fields and understand the global financial environment. To prepare students for the work they hope to do, KIC conducts internal surveys to determine demand in various departments and assigns the interns to positions that will help them acquire the knowledge and skills required to succeed in a specific financial field.

Recruitment Period

Open recruitment according to KIC’s HR plan (KIC’s annual business plan for recruitment, or when there are open positions)
※ Please check the KIC website for recruitment announcements.

Recruitment Process

  1. * New Employees Recruitment Announcement
  2. Application Submission
  3. Employment tests
    (NCS test & Job
    competency test)
  4. 1st Interview
  5. 2nd Interview (Final)
  1. * Experienced Applicants Recruitment Announcement
  2. Application Submission
  3. Application Screening
  4. 1st Interview
  5. Reference Check
  6. 2nd Interview (Final)

Recruitment Announcement

Posted on the KIC website, Job-Alio and other online recruiting websites

How to Apply

Please submit applications through the KIC website ( during the open recruitment period.