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Investing assets entrusted by the government, Bank of Korea and public funds in the global financial market

Domestic Network

Contributing to the Local Finance Industry

In keeping with its mission, KIC works to contribute to the development of the local finance industry. We share our overseas investment knowledge through various channels to boost the competitiveness of the industry. We also cultivate asset management professionals and lead co-investment programs with local public funds to support the domestic finance community.

Public Community for Overseas Investment and Public Funds' MOUs for Overseas Business Development

KIC started the Public Community for Overseas Investment (PCOI) in April of 2014 to bolster the overseas investment capability of the Korean public sector. Through this platform, we share information and best practices with domestic public institutions, including pension funds, mutual aid associations and other national institutions.

The PCOI convened four times in 2021. Three of the sessions were held virtually and covered key economic prospects and investment strategies, including global economic and financial market forecasts, Fed policies, interest rate outlooks and real estate investment strategies in the Asia-Pacific region. The fourth session, a hybrid online-offline ESG conference organized with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), drew more than 200 organizations, including PCOI members, other institutions and media outlets.

As of 2021, the PCOI has 26 member institutions, including KIC. Through this body, we will continue to offer partnerships and support to member institutions.