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About KIC

Founded in 2005 to increase national wealth and contribute to the growth of Korea’s finance industry

Ethics Charter

We implement the Ethics Charter as a behavior principles to be complied by the employees, with the vision to be a top sovereign wealth fund through efficiently increasing national wealth and contributing to the development of the finance industry.

  • 1. Respecting Professionalism
  • We respect the professionalism and individuality of each person and work to enhance our investment expertise.
  • 2. Being Conscientious
  • We work with a conscientious attitude, in good faith.
  • 3. Pursuing Innovation
  • We pursue constant innovation with a creative mindset to respond flexibly to a changing financial environment.
  • 4. Enhancing Profitability
  • We do our utmost to maximize national wealth by making rational decisions based on expert judgment.
  • 5. Respecting Each Other
  • We respect each other, work with an open mind and communicate effectively.
  • 6. Promoting a Culture of Ethics & Compliance
  • We promote a culture of ethics and compliance, for transparent management.
  • 7. Complying with Regulations and Promoting a Culture of Integrity
  • We comply with laws and regulations in performing our duties. Through transparent business practices based on integrity, we strive to prevent corruption and enhance our ethical standards as a sovereign wealth fund.
  • 8. Developing the Finance Industry
  • We contribute to the development of the finance industry by collaborating and interacting with domestic and foreign financial institutions.
  • 9. Fulfilling Our Social Responsibility
  • We fulfill our corporate social responsibility.