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About KIC

Founded in 2005 to increase national wealth and contribute to the growth of Korea’s finance industry

Social Contribution

KIC carries out charity and volunteer activities to build a brighter future for coming generations and fulfill its social responsibilities as a public institution.

KIC engages in social contribution activities as part of a commitment to creating a better world.

We carry out systematic and practical social contribution activities in the areas of emergency relief support, human resource development, future building and talent sharing. Since 2021, KIC has been assisting underprivileged children through care and self-reliance programs. In addition, the Social Contribution Committee meets every quarter to review plans for social contribution activities that are in line with KIC’s mission, ensuring KIC can fulfill its social responsibility as a public institution.

  • Emergency Relief Support

    Helping vulnerable groups, including children in shelters/orphanages, lowincome families, people with disabilities, seniors living alone, children with rare diseases or cancer and singleparent households, gain self-reliance and stability through donations, sponsorships, volunteer activities and disaster relief

  • Human Resource Development

    Giving hope to future generations by sponsoring college students from lowincome households, providing tuition for children from multicultural or singleparent households and donating books to facilities in island and mountainous areas

  • Future Building

    Sponsoring overseas programs for children and relief/development, participation by KIC’s overseas staff in local volunteer programs and sponsoring organizations and programs serving the public interest

  • Talent Sharing

    Contributing to the advancement of the domestic finance industry by sharing insights and expertise through external committees, events, etc.

Emergency Relief Support

In 2022, KIC increased its social contribution budget to KRW 1 billion and significantly expanded its key initiatives, such as the Didim Seed Account sponsorship program, another program that helps children from shelters acquire qualification certificates and an initiative that helps singleparent families gain self-reliance. The aim was and is to help children and adolescents plan for their economic independence.

KIC also continued serving the underprivileged. We engaged in a wide range of sponsorship activities to support the food deliveries of a social welfare center in connection with the Jung-gu Office in Seoul, the vocational rehabilitation program of a welfare organization for people with disabilities and a Korean culture experience program for teenagers from multicultural families and child heads of households. We also baked bread for homeless individuals and delivered it to them.

On the holidays of Seollal (Lunar New Year) and Chuseok, KIC donated special meals to low-income seniors using the services of the Seoul Senior Welfare Center. Every quarter, we delivered seasonal meals and emotional support items to families taking care of members with disabilities through the Seongbuk Welfare Center. And in May and November, we donated clothes and shoes to homeless individuals near Seoul Station.

KIC continued its sponsorship activities for those with difficulty accessing healthcare as well. Through the Korean Open Doctors Society, we delivered groceries to soup kitchens that suffered a blow from Covid-19 and provided free medical treatment for the underprivileged in Songnim, Incheon. KIC has also annually supported children and teenagers needing medical treatment for cancer or rare intractable diseases. And in response to a forest fire and flood damage in Gyeongbuk and Gangwon provinces in 2022, KIC made a donation to the emergency relief fund to help victims.

Overseas, KIC has been visiting medically underserved areas in Cambodia for medical volunteer activities since 2019. In 2022, we supported the construction of a new public health facility and free healthcare services in Popel Village, Siem Reap.

Finally, KIC staff at headquarters and overseas donated T-shirts with hopeful messages they designed themselves for climate refugee children abroad through the organization Hope Bridge. They also participated in the Lighting Children Campaign organized by the Miral Welfare Foundation to distribute solar lanterns they assembled to children in countries suffering from energy poverty. In these ways, KIC engages in various relief activities abroad each year.

Human Resource Development

Since 2021, KIC has been focusing on sponsorship programs related to human resource development to broaden educational opportunities for future generations. In 2022, we expanded the scale of support for each initiative.

KIC offers scholarships to college students from orphanages and households experiencing financial difficulty through the Korea Student Aid Foundation (KOSAF). We also provide tuition for children from multicultural or singleparent households, donate books to children’s centers in island and mountainous areas and support programs that help children enjoy reading. KIC is dedicated to helping children and youth overcome challenges and pursue their dreams with confidence.

In 2022, KIC provided education-focused financial aid for children with rare and intractable diseases. KIC also provided college students who had defected from North Korea with an online English education.

Future Building

As an overseas investor, and together with Good Neighbors, KIC sponsored underprivileged children in Asia, Africa and South America and supported overseas relief and development projects to build infrastructure. In 2022, we took part in a wide range of social contribution activities, including expanding the sponsorships of our overseas offices and supporting their volunteer activities as well as providing solar power facilities to countries suffering from energy poverty. Through supporting organizations and programs that serve the public interest, KIC will continue striving to help make the world a better place..

Talent Sharing

The KIC staff supports the development of the domestic finance industry by sharing insights and expertise on external review and assessment committees, on panels and in conferences and seminars.

We are committed to fulfilling our social responsibility as a public institution through systematic social contributions.