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About KIC

Founded in 2005 to increase national wealth and contribute to the growth of Korea’s finance industry

Corporate Governance

Autonomy and independence of investment

The Korea Investment Corporation Act stipulates that KIC shall have a corporate governance structure that ensures investment independence and operational autonomy from the government sponsors.
(Article 24, 35, Korea Investment Corporation Act)

Steering Committee

KIC’s 9-member Steering Committee has six professionals from the private sector, two representatives of institutions that have entrusted KIC with assets (the Minister of Economy and Finance and the Governor of the Bank of Korea), and the CEO of KIC. Private sector members are nominated by the Civil Member Candidate Nomination Committee and appointed by the President of the Republic of Korea. Each serves a two-year term. One of these members is elected chairman of the Steering Committee.

With four subcommittees, the Steering Committee deliberates and resolves the matters below, in accordance with Article 9 of the Korea Investment Corporation Act

  1. 1. Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation
  2. 2. Matters pertaining to KIC’s mid- and long-term investment policies
  3. 3. Matters pertaining to basic policies for KIC’s business
  4. 4. Matters pertaining to the modification of KIC’s financial status, such as the increase or decrease of capital
  5. 5. Matters pertaining to the entrustment of assets to KIC
  6. 6. Matters pertaining to the appointment and dismissal of officers
  7. 7. Matters pertaining to approval of the budget and account settlement
  8. 8. Matters pertaining to the evaluation of management’s performance
  9. 9. Matters pertaining to inspection of the business of KIC pursuant to Paragraph (1) of Article 35 of the Act
  10. 10. Any other matter prescribed in the Articles of Incorporation pertaining to the operation of KIC

Operation of KIC

The Investment Subcommittee and the Risk Management Subcommittee support matters related to the Steering Committee’s mid-and long-term investment policies. The Budget Deliberation Subcommittee and the Evaluation & Compensation Subcommittee deliberate issues pertaining to the operation of KIC and performance evaluation.