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About KIC

Founded in 2005 to increase national wealth and contribute to the growth of Korea’s finance industry


What It Means

KIC Corporate Mark

KIC's CI emphasizes its stability, reliability and premier status as an investment management company. The blue gradation reflects KIC’s active and efficient nature.


Horizontal/Vertical Signatures

The combination signature has been developed in accordance with a special set of word mark and logo type rules. These elements should not be randomly combined.

Horizontal Signatures
Horizontal Signatures
Vertical Signatures
Vertical Signatures


Color is an important part of a corporate image. Designated colors must be used carefully and effectively in accordance with the standard company colors laid out in the corporate manual, and well maintained through appropriate printing methods, ink concentration, paper texture, etc. Specific color standards must be used when dealing with plastic materials for signature purposes, silk-screening, paints, coatings and acrylic materials. Color samples from the manual or PANTONE sample colors should be used for comparison or confirmation purposes, to ensure accuracy of color.

CI Color

Color Use

Colors are used with the “basic type” or “other type.” As both types are used for various background colors, they must be used properly.
The signature must be used with a basic black & white background because it is most visible and shows the essence of a basic design.
In unexpected circumstances, the “other type” should be used to best secure the image.
With “exceptional type,” the word mark should be white to prevent interference with the background color.

Basic Type
KIC Blue C100%  +  Magenta 50%, KIC Gray B50%
Exceptional Type (When using non-standard background colors)
If the background influences the signature, the signature should be white.
Use of gradation in negative images is prohibited.
The signature should be white with medium gradation, to increase visibility.